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9 Email Templates For Property Management To Use Today

9 Email Templates For Property Management To Use Today

Email marketing remains a vital aspect of the real estate industry, especially in the property management niche. However, it’s not realistic to have a property manager typing out a response, invitation, or follow-up every time he or she needs to reach out to a prospective client, renter, or buyer.

Property management email templates take the effort out of having to do this menial task. All you need is to find the appropriate response, fill out the particulars, and then hit the “send” button. Email templates for property management can save you precious time and coincide very well with any real estate marketing plan you might have at the moment.

Agile and responsive property managers can definitely benefit from having an email template on hand to answer questions, clarify arrangements, and seal the deal. With that in mind, you should have these nine email templates on hand and ready to be sent on short notice.

How To Craft the Best Property Management Email Templates

Those working in real estate should first understand the importance of an email template. While it’s true that a template is a “one-for-all” thing, you should always have an idea of who you’ll be writing for and the ideal response you want to get from the person reading it.

To succeed in crafting a good email template, you’ll want to include these crucial elements:

  • Character count

  • Length of the subject line

  • How concise the email is

  • How engaging the email content is

  • You will need to account for mobile devices, because people nowadays use them all the time, including reading emails. Ideally, your subject line and character count should be readable and fit into a small screen. Furthermore, the length of email content should be short yet engaging enough that the recipient will want to read and follow through.

    In certain cases, a single paragraph or line is all you’ll need to create a compelling email. If possible, incorporate bullet points and short phrases, and divide the main body into several paragraphs. All these things tick the box of what makes a property management email great, and you’ll be more likely to receive a favorable response from the recipient.

    Dividing Your Email Database

    Property management email templates can be divided into two main categories: potential leads and existing property owners or residents.

    More often than not, real estate managers will already have a list of emails of existing residents and owners whom they communicate with regularly. As for chasing leads and potential sales, property managers should have separate email templates with different types of content.

    Suggestions on how you can develop leads include putting in CTAs or a call to action on every blog post you put up, becoming a member of a network or a group of property managers, having visible contact information in tours and your website, and advertising on real estate listings and similar online portals.

    How Often Should You Send Out Email Templates?

    Most property managers will wonder how often they should send out emails. There’s also the matter of timing, which is important if you want to get the desired response (or any at all).

    The answer largely depends on who your target audience is and the goal you want to achieve. For instance, you should always have a “thank you” email template in the event that someone signs up for your email newsletter, as well as a “follow up” template to see if the lead turns into a customer. Other email templates to consider include a “check-in” email for those who hav

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